First Published 1955 by Newnes

Early Newnes dustwrapper.  Click to enlarge (File Size=20KB)
Newnes wrapper by Bertram Prance
Illustrated by Bertram Prance

8th book in the Lone Pine series.
Set in Rye, Sussex, initially and moving to Dartmoor for the main action.

First edition: map eps; 8 full-page b/w illustrations; 244pp.

2nd imp 1963: dark blue boards, black blocking, tree front board; 244pp; title page vignette; d/w Prance; d/w rear summarises all books to Not Scarlet But Gold; rear flap Lone Pine Club; cp 10s 6d.

Other Editions:

Children's Book Club 1957:
not dated; pale blue boards, black lettering on spine; 130x190mm; 244pp; map eps; 8 b/w illustrations by Prance; dustwrapper by Geoffrey Whittam.
Listed, with the title Saucers over the Moon, as Foyle's Children's Book Club choice of the month in the May 1957 issue of Books and Bookmen magazine. (This is possibly the first appearance of this error in the title.)
CBC wrapper. Click to enlarge (File size=27KB)
Book Club edition dustwrapper

Merlin edition. Click to enlarge (File size=22KB)
The Merlin edition
Merlin 1967:
Paperback edition; Merlin number M8; reprinted 1968: 190pp; map and 6 b/w illustrations not credited but by Michael Whittlesea.

Armada 1976:
Paperback edition; map; no illustrations; cover as Collins; 159pp; cp 40p; Armada number C1160.
Armada cover. Click to enlarge (File size=24KB)
The Armada edition

Collins hardback edition wrapper. Click to enlarge (File size=24KB)
Collins hardback edition dustwrapper
Collins 1972:
Revised hardback with dustwrapper; reprinted 1976: pale blue boards; 159pp; no illustrations; dustwrapper not credited.

Goodchild 1984: as Saucers over the Moon
A revised hardback edition; dark blue boards, gold blocking on the spine; 192pp; no map; no illustrations; dustwapper by Gordon King; ISBN 0-86391-036-X; cp 6.25.

The incorrect title can be found on the back of the Collins 1969 wrapper of Rye Royal, so Goodchild aren't entirely to blame !

Goodchild edition. Click to enlarge
Goodchild edition dustwrapper
by Gordon King

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cover of the Girls Gone By
paperback edition 2009
Girls Gone By 2009:
This new paperback edition includes an article on Bertram Prance, his life and work and an article by Patrick Tubby on Malcolm Saville's Dartmoor locations. Both these articles are fully illustrated.

All the illustrations by Michael Whittlesea for the Merlin edition are included in an appendix, reproduced full page.

These are in addition to Mary Cadogan's introduction a brief article on the author by Mark O'Hanlon and the book's publishing history by myself.

All this and the story itself: reproduced in full text and with all of Bertram Prance's original illustrations for this, the last Lone Pine book he illustrated.
This is a paperback of solid proportions - some 280 pages - beautifully produced. cp 12 including postage from the publishers. ISBN 978-1-84745-075-3

Foreign Editions:

Molino 1965:
translation by M. L. Pol De Ramirez.
hardback edition, 192 pages illustrated by Bertram Prance and with a cover by the artist Badia Camps.
Click to enlarge
cover of the Spanish edition
by Badia Camps

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