Dates in bold indicate first editions.
r before a date indicates a reprint.
* indicates a change in dust-wrapper or cover design from previous printings in the same edition.
Only editions known to exist are included.

Abelard-Schuman Ltd
The Thin Grey Man 1974 hbk and pbk edns


Aslan Lion paperback
King of Kings 1987

BBC Children's Hour

Bel paperback (Holland)

Ernest Benn
Come to Devon 1969
Come to Cornwall 1969
Come to Somerset 1970

Where the Bus Stopped 1955 r1966
also in Six of the Best 1955

Brockhaus (Germany)
King of Kings 1978

Breakwater Books (Canada)
The Thin Grey Man 1981



Country Book 1961
Seaside Book 1962

Jonathan Cape

Children's Book Club

The Children’s Film Foundation
Treasure At The Mill (film)1957

The Children’s Newspaper
The Secret of Buzzard Scar (serial) c1955
The Secret of the Gorge (serial) c1958

Chivers (also see ‘Swift’)
All Summer Through 1970
Christmas at Nettleford 1971


Collins Budget

Disney Juniorclub

Daily Graphic-Pitkin
Coronation Gift Book 1952

David Schutte

Dymocks (Australia)
Mystery at Witchend 1951
Seven White Gates 1951
The Gay Dolphin Adventure 1952
The Secret of Grey Walls 1952
Lone Pine Five 1951

EFS forgalet
King of Kings 1976


Essex County Library
Winchelsea Church

Farrar and Rinehart (USA)
Mystery at Witchend 1945

Girl Guide Association
The Flower Show Hat in Guide Gift Book 1950

Girls Gone By Publishers


Portrait of Rye 1976

Country Scrapbook for Boys and Girls r1946
Open Air Scrapbook for Boys and Girls 1945
Seaside Scrapbook for Boys and Girls 1946

Grieg (Norway)
Three Towers in Tuscany 1972
The Purple Valley 1974

Hachette (France)
Three Towers in Tuscany 1972
White Fire 1972

Hamlyn - see ‘Merlin’

Hampton Lib.


Het Spectrum

Hippo (Scholastic Books)
Mystery at Witchend 1995
The Secret of Grey Walls 1995

Hodder & Stoughton


Sea Witch Comes Home 1990
Not Scarlet But Gold 1990
Treasure at Amorys 1991
Home To Witchend 1990

Karisto (Finland)
Mystery at Witchend 1989
Seven White Gates 1990
The Gay Dolphin Adventure 1990


Lion paperback (see also ‘White Lion’)
King of Kings 1975
Words for All Seasons 1981


Adventure of the Lifeboat Service 1950

The Thin Grey Man 1966

The Malcolm Saville Society
The Flower Show Hat 2001

Merlin Books


A R Mowbray & Co Ltd
Strange Story 1967


My Garden
several articles and collections.

National Magazine Co.
Country Scrapbook for Boys and Girls 1944



Nyt Nordisk Bok (Sweden)
Wings Over Witchend

Mark O'Hanlon

Odhams Press
Harvest Holiday 1948 in The Wonder Book for Children.
Secret in the Mist serialised in the comic Mickey Mouse Weekly 1952/3.
A Little Girl Becomes Our Queen (Article) in Mickey Mouse Weekly 1953.
Lone Pine Five serialised in the comic Mickey Mouse Weekly 1952.
Seven White Gates serialised in the comic Mickey Mouse Weekly 1953-4.

Our Sunday Visitor (USA)
King of Kings 1975

Oxford University Press.
See How it Grows 1971

C. Arthur Pearson
Amateur Acting and Producing for Beginners D.J. Desmond 1937

Prisma - Juniores

Rank Films
Trouble at Townsend 1947
Treasure at the Mill 1957

RHG Books

The Master of Maryknoll 1956

Severn House
Home To Witchend 1979

Stabenfeldt (Norway)
Mystery at Witchend 1988

Swift Books (imprint of Chivers)
Not Scarlet But Gold 1992

Transatlantic Arts
Trouble at Townsend 1945 r1946 r1947
The Riddle of the Painted Box 1947

The Wonder Why Book of Wild Flowers Through the Year 1980

Walt Disney Productions (Holland)

Edmund Ward
Small Creatures 1959

White Lion

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